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Please tell us if you have knowledge of the  following:

1. Are you a team member, test track or FIA official, equipment supplier, etc: involved in the 1998 World Speed Record? 

As such, would you consent to an interview to be published in print here?

2. Do you have any photos or video of the 1998 World Speed Record?
In particular, we seek a video that was posted on a Ferrari company web site during the past 10 years, which is no longer found.
(this video showed pre-run measurement of cylinder stroke and on-track running of the tested car. The video was about 3min duration.)

3. Can you confirm (perhaps as a current or former owner) details on the 33 550 WSR edition cars:

Confirmed chassis or VIN numbers, year of manufacture
RH/LH drive
Known sales price history (direct sale or auction)
Known special parts or unusual notation on parts.
Current country of the car's location
Photos of 550WSR cars

This web site will not publish any owner information, nor location: just country.